Matching the logged in user in a canvas app with a person column in SharePoint

I recently came across an interesting problem when trying to match the logged in user to a user selected in a person column. Even when the user is the same, the result would sometimes not be a match. In this post, I’m explaining the cause of this problem and a possible solution.

Using JSON to optimize Power Automate input parameters in the Power Apps trigger

In the final blog post of this series I’m presenting a solution to optimize your Power Apps trigger input parameters in a Power Automate flow using JSON. This is a flexible solution that separates the trigger from the logic of your flow.

A uniform approach to Power Automate input parameters in the Power Apps trigger

After understanding how Power Apps trigger input parameter names are generated in Power Automate, we can use this knowledge to create a uniform approach for these input parameters. This is the second part in a 3-part series on optimizing Power Apps trigger input parameters.

Understanding default naming for Power Automate input parameters in the Power Apps trigger

When you’re using a Power Apps trigger in a Power Automate flow, the input parameter names are generated automatically. In this first post of a 3-part series, I’m explaining how these names are generated so that we can look at how to optimize this in the following posts.

Creating document sets using a custom Canvas Apps SharePoint form

It’s very easy to customize the standard SharePoint form for a list or library using Power Apps. However, out of the box it’s not possible to use this to create document sets. In this post I share a simple solution to create document sets from a Power Apps SharePoint form.